VinPost Sentinel

VinPost Sentinel is the New Standard in Vineyard post design.

The VinPost Sentinel offers the vigneron 3 significant advantages.

      1. Sentinels can be installed on Green Field sites using existing the commercial equipment.
      2. Alternatively, they can be installed with the “J-Wack” and a jackhammer/post knocker.
      3. Wire slot design locks the wire in place.

The VinPost Sentinel offers a powerful alternative to the existing metal posts and timber posts. CAD designed, the unique ‘W’ shape offers maximum strength and rigidity to the VinPost Sentinels.

The fact that they can be installed using the existing  commercial equipment or contract installers, means no retooling, or no increase in cost.

The revolutionary “wine slots design”, allows the trellis wire to lock into place without the need for additional costly clips. Our Slot shape guarantees the wire cannot come out of the slot, whilst still being relatively easy to change the wire location should you wish.

Another significant beneficial feature of the VinPost products are the manner in which they can be installed.  Both the Repair and Sentinel can be installed with the “J-Wack”, affording the easy replacement of full height posts or the repair of broken posts with out damaging the canopy, or unnecessarily using heavy machinery in the vineyard when a ATV will do.

3 Standard heights 

  • 2100mm       VinPost    Sentinel
  • 2350mm       VinPost    Sentinel
  • 2700mm       VinPost    Sentinel
VinPost Sentinels in the Barossa Valley

 The VinPost “Sentinels” are made from 2mm thick, Australian made rolled galvanised steel. Computer Aided Design (CAD) for maximum lateral and proximal strength, they come in 3 different heights.