Installation Videos

The “J-Wack” is a specially designed tool, used to install the VinPost Repair.

It hooks into the slots on the front of the VinPost Repair. This takes the impact point from the top of the post, and repositions it to the side of the post at knee height, and away from the canopy and the trellising.

The VinPost is driven approximately 600mm into the ground, with the “J-Wack” using a standard jackhammer and a star picked driver attachment.

The J-Wack is engineered from a single piece of ~30mm steel plate. The hook plate and anvil are the possible wear points. These are made from laser cut hardened steel. They are designed to be replaceable should they wear out. These are exclusively available from VinPost.

75mm internal hex head galvanised screws pull the broken post back against the VinPost Repair. The angle the screws enter the pine post provide maximum hold and will not pull out.

These screws are available from VinPost directly or from most good hardware stores.

See the videos below to find out more about VinPost’s installation.


The "J-Wack"

Patent Pending